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31st May, 2008
May stats
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I never posted my reading stats for April, mostly because I didn’t read more than two books that month, so I didn’t feel like there was a point to it. In May, however, my lust for reading came back with a vengeance. The monthly total for May ended up forty books, and I don’t know about you, but I think that’s quite a lot of them. True, May was also a month for YA and kiddie lit, which meant that a lot of those forty books were quite short, but all the same! It’s a personal record.

I have all of June off (actually, that’s not quite true—I go back to work on the 30th), which is going to leave me with a ton of time for reading. In fact, I went to the library today and picked up fourteen books (seven of which I have now finished) for some summer reading, and I’ve got a parcel of twelve books due to arrive in the post sometime next week. Not to mention all the books already on my TBR shelves, of course.

May books:

  1. Rockabilly; Josefin Ekman, B
  2. 102 Minutes: The Story of the Fight to Survive inside the Twin Towers; Jim Dwyer & Kevin Flynn, B
  3. I Am America (And So Can You!); Stephen Colbert, B
  4. My War: Killing Time in Iraq; Colby Buzzell, B
  5. Hästen från Porten; Carina Burman, B
  6. Atonement; Ian McEwan, C
  7. Kometen kommer; Tove Jansson, B
  8. Bögslungan; Per Alexandersson, C
  9. KÃ¥rnulf Was Here; Josefine Adolfsson, B
  10. Allting som är trevligt är bra för magen; Tove Jansson, C
  11. Bananflugornas herre; Fredrik Eklund, C
  12. Does My Head Look Big in This?; Randa Abdel-Fattah, C
  13. Drakvinter; Elvira Birgitta Holm, D
  14. Ior och hästarna; Renata Wrede, C
  15. Lugn för dej, Gelika; Olga Wikström, D
  16. Marsmädchen; Tamara Bach, B
  17. Trollkarlens hatt; Tove Jansson, A
  18. Farlig midsommar; Tove Jansson, A
  19. Trollvinter; Tove Jansson, C
  20. Tjuvlyssnat; Damon Rasti & Gloria Hedman, B
  21. Det osynliga barnet; Tove Jansson, C
  22. Pappan och havet; Tove Jansson, C
  23. Den som inte tar bort luddet ska dö; David Batra (not reviewed)
  24. Sent i november; Tove Jansson, C
  25. Doctor Who: I Am a Dalek; Gareth Roberts, C
  26. Daddy-Long-Legs; Jean Webster, B
  27. Dear Enemy; Jean Webster (not reviewed)
  28. Knappt lovlig; Katarina von Bredow (not reviewed)
  29. Strong Poison; Dorothy L Sayers, B
  30. Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned; Stephen Cole, B
  31. Heart of Darkness; Joseph Conrad, C
  32. Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride; Helen Halstead, D
  33. Språket; Lars-Gunnar Andersson & Anna Lena Ringarp (not reviewed)
  34. Persepolis: volume 1; Marjane Satrapi (not reviewed)
  35. Persepolis: volume 2; Marjane Satrapi (not reviewed)
  36. Persepolis: volume 3; Marjane Satrapi (not reviewed)
  37. Persepolis: volume 4; Marjane Satrapi (not reviewed)
  38. Bögjävlar; Stefan Ingvarsson (ed.) (not reviewed)
  39. Han sa ja!; Bo R Holmberg (not reviewed)
  40. Älskar han mig?; Bo R Holmberg (not reviewed)

Challenge stats:

  1. Eva wrote:

    Congrats on such a good month! And I love your redecorating, though I’m not quite sure when it happened (the bad side of google reader)….just to let you know, though, in internet explorer your sidebar is showing up underneath your posts.

  2. Love wrote:

    It was a little while back. I forget exactly when myself. Memory like a sieve and so on.

    Internet Explorer never agrees with me. I’m not sure what it is that’s causing it, though. If I’d coded the entire theme myself, I’d find it easier to fix, but I’m using a ready-made one, so I honestly have no clue where to start poking. Maybe I’ll change to another theme that doesn’t have that issue.

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