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3rd January, 2008
Here Be Dragons: Reviews
— Love @ 15:08 Comments (8)
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Here Be Dragons: A 2008 Reading Challenge Now that 2008 is here, the Here Be Dragons challenge has officially started. I hope you’re all going to enjoy your chosen reading material.

The challenge actually has a few participants other than just myself. Including me, this is the list of readers taking part in the challenge:

(You can still join, should you want to. Sign up post is here.)

Post links to your reviews of challenge books to Mr Linky (this post will be linked to in the sidebar, so always easy to find).

Please post the following in the name box:
name (title of book by author)

An example:
Love (His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik)

In the URL field, simply insert a direct link to your review.

I know it says Thursday Thirteen, but let’s just ignore that, shall we?

  1. quenby (hikaruthedragon) wrote:

    I finally finished my first book for this Challenge, Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon. It’s number 10 on the list, hope you’ll read my review and (hopefully ) decide to read this excellent book!!
    Quenby, waving at you all from Tokyo

  2. quenby (hikaruthedragon) wrote:

    Hi, Love.
    I apologize for being so inexperienced with blogging. I figured out how to post a link to a specific entry. Number 12 is the correct link to Rhapsody. Could you please delete number 10?
    Thanks! Sorry for the trouble.
    Quenby/ hikaruthedragon

  3. Love wrote:

    Quenby, I deleted the first link, so now the one leading straight to your post is the only one in the list.
    And no problem. =)

  4. quenby (hikaruthedragon) wrote:

    I just finished and posted my link for my third book for this challenge. The series has three more left I am only halfway done! I think I’m going to take a bit of a break and read a couple other things for a week or two, but then I’ll jump back in.

  5. Giselle wrote:

    Just to let you know, Love, I will be on vacation during the last week of the challenge. So, my wrap-up post and final review will be late, but I will ensure that I finish my last book before June 30th. Thank you.

  6. Kerry wrote:

    I just posted by challenge wrap-up post here.

  7. Giselle wrote:

    Posted my belated wrap-up post here. Thank you for hosting. :]

  8. quenby (hikaruthedragon) wrote:

    I finished the last book of the Symphony of Ages on June 30th so , yay! I just made the deadline. It’s 33 on Mr. Linky.
    Thank you very much for hosting this challenge.


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