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17th July, 2008
— Love @ 11:22 Comments (15)
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My internet has broken down and I haven’t had a chance to get it fixed yet, thus the lack of updates.

I just thought you might want to know.

Since I can’t really do much else right now (I’m logging in, very briefly, from work to type this. Internetlessness has freed up lots of time for reading, though. Twenty-two books this month so far and still going at it!), I had an idea that I would ask the same question that I asked back in November:

Who reads this blog?

Even if you never, ever comment and plan on never, ever commenting again, won’t you make an exception just this once, so I get a little picture of who reads this. I’m curious sometimes, y’know.


  1. Alhena wrote:

    I do, thanks to the LJ feed!

  2. Caroline wrote:

    I check/read your journal almost every day. :)

  3. TY wrote:

    I read your blog! Ever since you left a comment on my blog, I followed your link to here and you’ve been on my reader ever since! Hope you get your internet back up soon. Keep up the good work!

  4. Annette wrote:

    I read :)

  5. Renay wrote:

    I do, but not for very long…I think since the Read-a-thon? I could have my dates messed up, though! No guarantees. :)

  6. chartroose wrote:

    I read your blog quite often because I appreciate your bookish knowledge and eclectic reading tastes. I’m pretty sure you already know this, though.

  7. Banquo wrote:

    me me me. Though you know that, yeah.

  8. Eva wrote:

    Awww: I hope you get it back soon! And if you use WordPress, you can see who reads your blog. ;)

  9. Christina wrote:

    Oh, I do, Love! I love your taste in books. I never know what to expect! I hope you get your internet up soon.

  10. Michelle wrote:

    I do!

  11. Lisa wrote:

    I just found you from the July Book Blowout. Nice blog.

  12. Orchidus wrote:

    I occasionally drop by and read your blog. I know you through the Here Be Dragons challenge. :]

  13. Kaisa wrote:

    I still read it.

  14. Jaye wrote:

    I read but don’t comment. ^O^ (Sorry about that.) I like reading your thoughts on books and checking in on your challenges. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I also read the book site you had before this one.

    Hope your Internet will be back in working order soon. ^^*

  15. Kim L wrote:

    I read your blog! Or I did, when you posted. I was just thinking I haven’t heard from you in a while.

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