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2nd March, 2008
February stats
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February wasn’t as good a reading month as January, but then I have noticed that January is nearly always my best month. I am at least keeping up with my personal goal of reading four books a week, and that’s always something.

February books:

  1. Eclipse; Stephenie Meyer, B
  2. Sickened; Julie Gregory, D
  3. Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Just the Words: Volume 2; Graham Chapman (not reviewed)
  4. Dream Boy; Jim Grimsley, B
  5. By a Lady; Amanda Elyot, F
  6. Clouds of Witness; Dorothy L Sayers, B
  7. A Countess Below Stairs; Eva Ibbotson, A
  8. The Gum Thief; Douglas Coupland, B
  9. Murder Must Advertise; Dorothy L Sayers, B
  10. By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept; Elizabeth Smart, D
  11. Duty and Desire; Pamela Aidan, C
  12. Profile of a Criminal Mind; Brian Innes, B
  13. Den hemlösa sexualiteten: en antologi, D
  14. The World According to Clarkson: And Another Thing…; Jeremy Clarkson, D
  15. Standish; Erastes, D
  16. Britta och Silver på ridskolan; Lisbeth Pahnke (not reviewed)
  17. Postcards from No Man’s Land; Aidan Chambers, A
  18. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead; Tom Stoppard, B

Challenge stats:

*I’ve read eight books for this challenge, but the eighth book is not chronologically near the other seven, hence the 7/8.
**I decided to add another dragon book to my list, hence the 1/4 instead of 1/3.

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  1. she wrote:

    Hi. I found you off the TBR list. A friend and I just started a book lovers message board & I wanted to invite you to join.


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