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First in a Series

1st in a series The idea behind this challenge is to read twelve books in the year ’08, all of which must be the first in a series. Quite obvious, really, when you think about it. A good challenge, too, as I have all these series lined up that I have planned to try at some point, but never got around to.

It is hosted by Joy at Thoughts of Joy.

My list:

  1. An Assembly Such as This; Pamela Aidan — finished on 5th January, 2008
  2. Mr Midshipman Hornblower; CS Forester
  3. His Majesty’s Dragon; Naomi Novik — finished on 3rd January, 2008
  4. The Giver; Lois Lowry — finished on 29th January, 2008
  5. Flambards; KM Peyton — finished on 3rd January, 2008
  6. A Game of Thrones; George RR Martin — finished on 30th June, 2008
  7. The Golden Compass; Philip Pullman
  8. Whose Body?; Dorothy L Sayers — finished on 26th January, 2008
  9. Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor; Stephanie Barron
  10. Fire from Heaven; Mary Renault
  11. Darkly Dreaming Dexter; Jeff Lindsay
  12. Twilight; Stephenie Meyer — finished on 16th January, 2008