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30th June, 2008
Here Be Dragons: Challenge wrap-up
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Here Be Dragons It’s the 30th of June and thus ends the Here Be Dragons challenge I’ve been hosting since January. I hope everyone who participated had fun and discovered new (and old!) dragon acquaintances.

Tell me, did you finish the challenge? Which was your favourite book?

My list:

  1. A Strong and Sudden Thaw; RW Day — finished 14th June, 2008
  2. His Majesty’s Dragon; Naomi Novik — finished on 3rd January, 2008
  3. A Game of Thrones; George RR Martin — finished 30th June, 2008
  4. Dragon’s Bait; Vivian Vande Velde — finished on 2nd March, 2008
  5. Throne of Jade; Naomi Novik — finished on 22nd June, 2008

My favourite was A Strong and Sudden Thaw by RW Day, followed closely by the two written by Naomi Novik. I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on the rest of that series (as well as the sequel to ASaST, which I hear is in the works).

I’m going to be visiting all the participants in the next few days to see how you all did. ‘Cause I’m nosy like that. ;D

I’ve already got some half-formed plans for a follow-up challenge, or a repeat challenge.

  1. Nymeth wrote:

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge :) I wish I’d joined it, but I was overchallenged. I do love dragon stories, though.

  2. Cath wrote:

    Yes, I finished the challenge and have done my wrap-up. I only managed three books but am pleased with that regardless. My favourite was Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. Congrats on finishing the challenge and thank you for hosting it.

  3. Kara wrote:

    Yes, I finished the challenge by reading 3 books. I posted a wrap-up to the challenge. Thanks for hosting this and hope that you will do a follow-up challenge – this one was great!!!

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