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30th January, 2008
Messenger; Lois Lowry
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Messenger; Lois Lowry Messenger
by Lois Lowry

For the Young Adult and A-Z reading challenges.

186 pages
Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0-385-73253-8

First line: Matty was impatient to have the supper preparations over and done with.

Back cover blurb:
For the past six years, Matty has lived in Village and flourished under the guidance of Seer, a blind man known for his special sight. Once, Village was a place that welcomed newcomers and offered hope and homes to people fleeing poverty and cruelty. But something sinister has seeped into Village, and the people have voted to close it to outsiders. All along, Matty has been invaluable as a messenger between Village and other communities. He hopes someday to earn the name of Messenger. Now he must make one last journey through the increasingly treacherous forest to spread the message of Village’s closing and convince Kira, Seer’s daughter, to return with him. Matty’s only weapon against his dangerous surroundings is a secret power he unexpectedly discovers within himself. He wants to heal the people who have nourished his body and spirit and is willing to offer the greatest gift and pay the ultimate price.

Thoughts: As expected, this book tied together the characters of both The Giver and Gathering Blue. However, it didn’t really resolve the issue I had with one particular event in Gathering Blue, nor did it really appeal to me as much as the previous two books in the series did.

It also confused me a great deal. Apparently, the events of both previous books take place at much the same point in time, yet in one there is advanced technology, and in the other everything is exceedingly basic and primitive. These places don’t seem to be all that distant from each other, geographically, so I must admit I don’t quite see how the difference could be so marked, especially since the high tech one has the means to travel far and wide in not much time at all.

No, in the end I didn’t like the end to the series at all. I’m giving it a D rating, and that’s mostly just because I’m feeling generous today. I think I’ll try to pretend that there was nothing after Gathering Blue and that even if there was, I certainly didn’t read it.

  1. Chain Reader wrote:

    I just reviewed this one for the A to Z challenge also, but it is under “Lowry.” I liked it much better, though. I guess I just think of a post-apocalyptic world in which the world of The Giver is so far removed from the other communities that it has developed at a different rate, just like you see when you study ancient civilizations. And maybe their fear of introducing its citizens to the realities of the world kept it from spreading. I also think I just felt like the Trade Mart really hit home–a lot of times in our society we see people trading valuable qualities for other things that give instant gratification, which can have a destructive effect on communities and can only be solved by personal unselfishness, which is what Matty provided. Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be so long, it’s just fresh on my mind since I just reviewed it! It is definitely not as good as The Giver.

  2. becca wrote:

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! i read the giver then gathering blue THEN the messenger… but is so sad that matyy dies :( i almost cried… and the reason that one society is more advanced is because that commutiy chose to be( in order to be a ‘utopia’) while another chose a differnt approach to become a utopia… I like these books a lot an you should defenitly read gatthering blue and the giver BEFOR you read messenger…I LOVE THESE BOOKS

  3. becca wrote:

    oh yeah and there is a book after gethering blue… messengers….. and i think it will pull your rating from a d to at least a b…

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