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23rd December, 2007
This and that
— Love @ 13:52 Comments (3)
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I’m visiting my parents for Christmas (I have four days off from work. Four! That’s the most I’ve had off in a row since June and it is bliss!) and I thought I’d dig around my old room here to see if I could find two books that have mysteriously gone missing. No luck so far, unfortunately, but I’m still hoping I might turn them up when I give my room a thorough tidying up. If I don’t, I know I’ll eventually cave and order those two books again. (Something also tells me that about two seconds after the order has been sent and it’s no longer possible to cancel it, the books will show up. As they tend to do.)

I have also taken the opportunity to join another challenge. It’s called First in a Series, is hosted by Thoughts of Joy and my list is to be found here (or under Challenges in the top navigation).

Speaking of challenges, I’ve had an idea for one myself, so watch this space in the next couple of days for an announcement post.

  1. Caroline wrote:

    Good luck finding those two books! :)

  2. Love wrote:

    Thanks! I’m really going to need it.

    I hate when books just vanish.

  3. Banquo wrote:

    Books disappearing is the worst thing ever. :( I had this gorgeous copy of Journey To The Centre of the Earth with illustrations by Hans Arnold, and now I have no idea where it can be. It’s been lost for ages and it’s not like I can buy a new copy of it, because it was old. /rant rant rant.

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