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3rd November, 2007
Seafaring Challenge: The list
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Seafaring Challenge I just discovered the world of reading challenges and I just can’t get over how much fun it seems. Unfortunately, most of the ones I’m interested in don’t start until early ’08, which left me wanting something to bite into right now. Thankfully for me, I then stumbled upon the Seafaring Challenge which started only a couple of days ago. Basically, it’s the perfect match as I completely adore nautical books.

The challenge runs from November 1st, 2007 to January 31st, 2008, so I’m not going to make my list of books terribly long, but I do plan on reading at least four (which ought to earn me the rank of Admiral).

My list:

  • Mr Midshipman Easy; Captain Frederick Marryat
  • Kydd; Julian Stockwin — finished on 11th November, 2007
  • This Thing of Darkness; Harry Thompson
  • Beat to Quarters; CS Forester
  • His Majesty’s Dragon; Naomi Novik

  1. alexkennard wrote:

    Mr. Midshipman Easy! I still have a first or second leatherbound edition of that that my dad leant me in my room. Have only got through about half of it, but still, fantastic book!

  2. straytalk wrote:

    Ooo, I’m jealous!

    I started reading it this weekend, and while I’m only about twenty pages in so far, I can tell that I’m going to enjoy it.

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