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3rd July, 2008
Epic fail and epic win
— Love @ 17:30 Comments (3)
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I am made of epic fail. This is a fact that most people know about me, but perhaps Kim L and Banquo know it more than most. See, back in April there was that quotation contest I held. Let me remind you—April. Do you think I sent out the prizes back then? Exactly. I didn’t. But today I finally did, so I’m a little less epic fail right now. (Kim L, Banquo: let me know if you haven’t received your gift certificates. I sent them to the e-mail addresses you used to comment here, so they should have got there safely, but if not, I need to try to fix that.)

In other, somewhat related news, I won the Read-a-thon post-event survey prize drawing, which is a subscription to Bookmarks magazine. I was pleasantly surprised to learn this.

I will have a post with June stats up at some point soon, maybe by the end of the weekend. I have yet to post reviews for a few books I read in June and I want to get those done first, but I have no time for it until the weekend, basically. (This is yet another reason for the epic fail.)

Still on a Doctor Who kick, which will soon also be a Torchwood kick (I’m about half-way through my last Ten+Rose book, and so shall have to turn to Torchwood for my Who-verse fixes. Well, until Saturday, that is).

  1. dewey wrote:

    So many people seem to love Doctor Who, but I have never seen it and don’t really know what it’s about. I guess I should look into it, right?

  2. Love wrote:

    Dewey: I’ve only ever watched the new series, that had its first season back in 2005. At first I was a bit sceptic, but then David Tennant came on as the Doctor and once I got that far in, I was hooked. Going back to season one now, I appreciate it a little more than when I first watched it, but David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) is definitely a huge part of what makes it worthwhile for me.

    You should definitely give it a go, though!

  3. Kim L wrote:

    I did get your gift certificate, and thank you very much for running that contest! I know how life gets busy :-)

    glad you are enjoying Dr. Who!

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