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3rd February, 2008
Book giveaway winner
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Picking a winner As you may recall, a little more than a week ago I posted a book giveaway, where you could win a copy of Diane Wood Middlebrook’s Suit’s Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton. The deadline for entering was on 1st of February, and tonight I finally got my act together to pick the winner.

I decided that random draw would obviously be the fairest way to go about it, but I was a little undecided exactly how to randomise it. At first I thought I’d just to the “old pieces of paper with names in a hat”-routine, but as I was preparing the pieces of paper, my cat Elvis decided that it looked like good fun, which is when I had the brilliant idea to let him and Morrissey (the other kitten) help out.

In other words, I threw all the little pieces of paper on the floor and watched the kittens go crazy. Eventually Elvis settled down in the kitty bed with one particular piece, which I then decided looked like a winner to me. (And of course, I took photos of the process. Blurry photos, yes, but photos all the same.)

The winner is Mikey, of Diegesen. Congratuwelldone1 to him!

1. That’s a reference to the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006, which was brilliant and had Noel Fielding and Russell Brand completely stealing the show.

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