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19th November, 2007
Reality check
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I’ve been so busy with work lately that I have little to no energy left over for anything else, which means that my reading has suffered. As a consequence, there probably won’t be a new review (if you can even call what I do that) in a little while yet.

Instead, I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask who reads this blog?

If you do, would you please consider leaving a comment? It will take you all of a minute, and you don’t have to do it more than once — you can go straight back to lurking in the shadows after. I just want to get an idea about whether I’m the crazy person in the corner, muttering to themselves under their breath, or the person with a reader base (however small that readership is).

Thank you.

  1. Seraph wrote:

    I read this blog!


    [:D I love you]

  2. Kaisa wrote:

    Jag tittar in här … fast ärligt talat sÃ¥ har jag inte tagit mig tid att läsa alla dina inlägg (ännu) eftersom det gör mig en smula stressad över alla böcker som jag borde läsa, men som jag aldrig hinner (eller orkar) läsa. Jag borde kanske inte ha kommenterat alls, alltsÃ¥. Jag planerar dock att läsa igenom din blogg noggrannare framöver. :)

  3. Banquo wrote:

    I read now and then. I have at least skimmed through most of the entries. I get a little self-conscious, though, because I feel a little bad for not reading more than I do.

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