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3rd November, 2007
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Oh dear. Whilst looking around I Heart Paperbacks, I discovered that there is a new book out in the Lord John series by Diana Gabaldon. I did not know this before! Also found out that another one will be out soon — November I saw somewhere, but January seems more likely.

Either way, upon finding out, I trotted off to, to order the one already out, and to, to pre-order the one released in January. Perhaps I shouldn’t have done it, but, well, I couldn’t really resist. Lord John is a great favourite of mine, after all.

I already have a bunch of books on their way to my mail box. Let me list them all and make you green with envy.

  • Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade; Diana Gabaldon
  • Mitt brinnande hjärta; Tasso Stafilidis
  • A Countess Below Stairs; Eva Ibbotson
  • Flambards; KM Peyton
  • Edge of the Cloud; KM Peyton
  • Flambards in Summer; KM Peyto
  • Flambards Divided; KM Peyton
  • Postcards from No Man’s Land; Aidan Chambers
  • Brothers; Ted Van Lieshout
  • The Boy I Love; Marion Husband
  • Paper Moon; Marion Husband
  • Geography Club; Brent Hartinger
  • While England Sleeps; David Leavitt
  • Bush-Whacked; Leland Gregory

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